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About Zivoe Finance

Zivoe Finance is a decentralized credit protocol built to disrupt high-interest consumer lending across the globe. We are working to expand affordable credit access to the unbanked and underserved financial sectors of the world using cryptocurrency and blockchain payment rails.

The long-term vision for Zivoe is to create a financially inclusive ecosystem of DeFi products that will enable fully automated, consumer lending from the blockchain.


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Need capital? We provide funding to financially inclusive businesses making an impact in consumer credit markets across the globe. That includes consumer lenders, fintechs, and more.

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Credit Review

Businesses that match our criteria undergo KYC/AML and an in-depth credit evaluation. This includes rigorous vetting of the management team and a thorough financial analysis.

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Approved applicants gain access to a borrowing portal where they can request crypto denominated loans and negotiate loan terms.

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Zivoe Finance

We are empowering anyone to fight back against predatory and high-interest lenders by funding affordable consumer loans in markets that need it most.

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Financially Inclusive

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Community Focused

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Empowering Change


The Road Ahead

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Meet Our Team

Zivoe Jay Abbasi

Jay Abbasi

Zivoe Kristal Gruevski

Kristal Gruevski

General Counsel & Co-Founder
Zivoe John Quarnstrom

John Quarnstrom

Head of Technology & Co-Founder
Zivoe Thor Abbasi

Thor Abbasi

Head of Operations & Co-Founder
Zivoe Dennis Baca

Dennis Baca

Head of Product & Founding Member
Zivoe Chad Deal

Chad Deal

Head of Compliance
Zivoe Alex Collette

Alex Collette

Solidity Developer & DeFi Researcher
Zivoe Alex Serban

Alex Serban

Web3 Full-Stack Engineer
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