We're Taking Aim At High Interest Lending.

Join us in our fight against high interest lending and help us expand affordable credit access to underserved markets.

What is Zivoe Finance?

Zivoe Finance is a decentralized credit protocol that aims to eliminate high-interest consumer lending across the world. We make an impact in consumer markets by lending to businesses that offer affordable credit solutions to underserved individuals. Zivoe is also building the infrastructure necessary to support next generation on-chain lending. Our goal is to become the first fully autonomous, on-chain consumer lender.

Our Mission

Around the world, 1.7 billion people lack access to basic financial services. Many of them have little or no credit history and cannot obtain personal financing. To make ends meet, they look to alternatives including high interest lenders. But these lenders are misaligned with their customer’s interests. In the U.S. alone, nearly 12 million adults resort to borrowing high-interest loans every year. Often these loans carry triple-digit interest rates that borrowers can’t afford. 80% of are rolled into another loan within 14 days. This traps borrowers in cycles of high interest debt. At Zivoe, we’re putting an end to these lending practices. We’re empowering anyone to fight back against high interest lending by funding affordable credit solutions. Join the community today and help us build a more inclusive future.


Zivoe Finance is fully decentralized. It is community-owned by a DAO of socially conscious and ethically motivated members that seek to make the world a more equitable place to transact.

ESG Focused

Zivoe lends to ESG businesses that make real impact in underserved markets. Ideal portfolio companies are working on a social good or public benefit.

Financially Inclusive

We’re building a financially inclusive lending platform to ensure individuals and organizations worldwide can access affordable credit.

The Road Ahead

Phase 1

Build the Zivoe Treasury through Senior and Junior Tranche Offerings.

Phase 2

On-board and scale a diverse loan portfolio of socially conscious businesses.

Phase 3

Build the infrastructure to automate underwriting and support smaller and smaller borrowers.

Phase 4

Fully autonomous consumer lending powered by Zivoe Finance.

Meet Our Team

Let's Build The Future of Finance Together

Join us on Discord to learn more about how we’re shaping the future of finance, how you can join in on the mission, and receive the latest updates on our platform launch.